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What  are the main problems when buying property in Bulgaria?

The dangers applicable in every country and one has to be ware of are:

-         Does the property have good title?

 -         Is it affected by debts?

 -         Has the building been constructed legally?

 -         Does the property suffer from any defects?

 -         Is what the vendor had told me the true?


In addition, there are issues that need special attention in Bulgaria. In particular:

 -         If you are buying a building plot, is it in an area programmed for building? (Is it regulated)

-         Is the property built in area zoned for individually owned properties ( rather than,       for instance, hotels)?

-         If you are buying an apartment, who will own the ‘freehold’? This is important         when  it comes to the control of the common areas.

-         Is the vendor willing to stipulate the real selling price of the property or would         rather  mention the value for tax purposes in the contract.





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