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traditional bansko house

traditional bansko house

traditional bansko house

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Apartment Complex Breeze Bansko, Bansko, Bulgaria

Located on the future way to the ski lift, Breeze Bansko seems to be away from the city centre and the other residential buildings and hotels, but also away from the over-built areas and all the noise and hassle around the numerous live music bars and taverns. And since to reach whatever in Bansko is a matter of five minutes drive, we decided that it’s far more convenient to provide you with a calm place for rest and with a convenient shuttle bus to take you to the ski lift or to the city centre. You’re getting also another free bonus – a magnificent panorama view of both Pirin and Rila mountains surrounding Bansko from east, west and south. The nearness to the golf course which is being developed in the area will bring the location another advantage during the summer season.

The building has been designed in unison with the traditional Bansko architecture to provide shelter for the exhausted skier in the winter or hiker in the summer. For those of you, who are never exhausted enough there will be a fitness center, and additionally Jacuzzi, plunge pool and sauna. You may also relax in the Irish pub downstairs. A 24-hour reception desk and ski wardrobe will be on your services to facilitate your stay. We would be also able to help you with any kind of additional services like cleaning, laundry, ironing, repairs, etc. If you are coming with a vehicle, you are welcome to use the underground garage. All your property will be guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finally, you may get income from your property while not using it – except for our “When you are away” services we will provide full cooperation to any letting company you may choose or we may provide asset management service ourselves.


Facilities in the building:

▪   Irish pub;
▪   Plunge pool and sauna;
▪   Fitness;
▪   Jacuzzi;
▪   Ski wardrobe;
▪   Reception working non-stop;
▪   Underground parking with controlled access;
▪   Security: 24 hours, 7 days a week.



Bansko is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria and it takes only 2 hours by car to reach it from the capital - Sofia (160 kilometers distance). Bansko has developed as a favorite ski & snowboard destination thanks to the excellent ski facilities combined with the unique architecture and historical sights.

Bansko is the fastest developing modern ski and snowboard center that provides the longest skiing season in Bulgaria. The Pirin Mountain has a predominantly alpine character and the highest peak in the area is Vihren- 2914 m. The total length of the marked ski runs is 65 kilometers. Some of them offer wonderful conditions for night skiing, which is available for everyone from 18.30 until 21.30.

Bansko has been declared a unique town of international importance to commercial tourism (1979). Apart from the beautiful Pirin and numerous spots of natural beauty the town also boasts of numerous historic sites. Remains of ancient fortress have been preserved in the Staroto Gradishte (Stankale) locality situated about 4 km to the south west and also in the Yulen locality (downstream Damyanitsa River). Thracian tumuli have been uncovered in the vicinity of Staroto Gradishte.

The citizens of Bansko are famous for their patriotism and their strong attachment to the traditions. All of them, children and adults, keep the local originality of the culture in Bansko. They are hospitable and friendly with tourists. The local erected an impressive Christian Orthodox Church at the time of Ottoman domination. The church tower, which is a symbol of the town, was built in 1850. Everyday the town is awoken by a 15-minuten chime.


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