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Bourgas, Bulgaria

Burgas is a successor of the Roman city of Deultum (later named Develt), founded by Emperor Vespasian as a military colony for veterans. Besides Deultum, the present-day city expands over the area of three other ancient settlements: Kastiacion, Skafida and Rossokastron. In the Middle Ages a small fortress called Pirgos was erected in the place and was most probably used as a watchtower. It was only in 17th century that a city named Ahelo-Burgas grew in the present-day area of the city. It was later renamed to Burgas and had only about 3,000 inhabitants at the time of the Liberation. Soon it became a major centre on the Southern Black Sea coast and a city of well-developed industry and trade. A number of oil and chemical companies were gradually built. Salt and iron are also mined here and traded far beyond the borders of the country. In 1903 the railway station in Burgas started functioning as well, giving an additional boost to the city's expansion.


Overlooked by most tourists and often dismissed as a industrial town to be passed through quickly on the way to more desirable locations along the coast, Bourgas is surprisingly attractive city , which makes a welcome break form the crowds and the commercialism of the nearby seaside resorts. Though the city's suburbs are  certainly dreary, the centre is pleasantly urbane and tourist friendly, due to recent efforts to improve its image. As the site of an oil refinery and associated chemical plants, Bourgas is far more industrial than any of its neighbours on the coast, and its deep harbour is home to Bulgaria's oceanic fishing fleet. The presence of visiting ships and passing tourists gives the town a certain cosmopolitanism - especially in late August, during the folk festival.

The artistic spirit of the local people adds up to the unique atmosphere of peace and isolation from the hectic city life. only Bourgas enables you to enjoy the breathtaking folklore show of the Balkan countries in the International folklore festival; the rich variety of colours and odours in the annual National exhibition FLORA - Bourgas excite every citizen and visitor of the town. The event is held under the motto "Nature - Man - Harmony"; in no other place, but Bourgas one can feel the rhythm and enjoy the dances of the International contest for standard and Latin and American dances; only Bourgas will give you a warm welcome - hospitality and kindness of the southerners are deeply moving; the emotional Bourgas nights will remain a never-to-be-forgotten experience; no other spot of Bulgaria is so close to sea and its romantic atmosphere as Bourgas. The Old Bridge - the symbol of the city - keeps not a single secret of young and old.



Burgas International Airport is a connecting point to major Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria like Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sozopol, Dyuni, Elenite, etc. The train and bus main station (South) are just south of the centre on Garov Sq. The half-hourly bus from the airport ends here too, and it's the best place to pick up a taxi. There is a left luggage office behind the bus station. An additional bus station (West) lies 3km northwest of the centre, which one is likely to use if you are travelling south to the Turkish border.



If you have not bought property yet and you are looking for a place to stay there are plenty of hotels in the centre and also private rooms in downtown apartments, available through the high street travel agents.

Burgas (or Bourgas, Bulgarian: Бургас) is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is also the fourth largest city in the country, following Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Burgas is an industrial and tourist centre


Population: 213,00  Altitude: 30 m above the sea level Postal Code: 8000 Area Code: +359 56




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