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kazanlak bulgaria
kazanlak bulgaria
Kazanluk, Bulgaria

Kazanluk is called "the town of roses". The air here bears the fragrance of flowers. The vicinity of the town has been turned into wonderful rich gardens where the world famous roses for extracting rose oil are grown. Kazanluk is well-known for its production of rose oil, the importance of which is reflected in the Festival of Roses held in early June. At a distance of 5km from the town there are mineral springs.


Nowadays the city is known also as the centre of the Valley of the Thracian Kings. Once a significant area of Thracian settlement, the vicinity of Kazanluk is spotted with countless burial mounds and tombs. The most famous of the tombs, the Kazanluk Tomb, a late 4th-early 3rd century BC domed burial chamber, lies just outside the town centre and contains unique paintings. The Tomb is one of the 9 cultural and historical sites in Bulgaria included in the UNESCO list of historical and architectural monuments of global importance.

Other places of interest include the Church of the Assumption, the Iskra Museum, the Ethnographic complex, and the Museum of the Rose Industry. The Museum of Roses founded in 1969 is unique of its kind in the world. It explains the story and the technique of the production of the attar of roses.


Kazanluk is located 200 km east of Sofia and 108 km northeast of Plovdiv. Here is the natural geographic center of Bulgaria - a crossing of the inner and the international roads.



The first established settlement on the territory of Kazanluk dated back to 5th - 4th millenia BC. During the 6th - 5th centuries BC the Thracian city Sevtopolis emerged. Now it's under the waters of the Koprinka dam (7 km from the town). The rich Thracian civilization of the Tonzos (now Toundja river) valley has left us more than 12 burial tombs.

The heir to the ancient city of Sevtopolis, the present-day town of Kazanluk was established at the beginning of the 15th century. By the end of 19th century Kazanluk became well-known with its production of rose oil, copper processing and products and original textiles. All this can be seen at the Ethnographical complex.



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